A challenging environment for your child!

A place where children learn, play, develop and meet. In our child centre, your child is given the space to develop their talents to the fullest in an environment where we learn, play and explore together in one continuous line of personal growth.
  • Exercise & Health
    We strive to create a healthy environment, focusing on healthy food and exercise. The groups also pay a lot of attention to learning through movement.
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  • Culture & Nature
    Cultural and nature education is important for a broad development. We work on interesting theme based projects and challenge the children to increase their knowledge and develop their talents.
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  • Technology & Science
    Delft is the city of technology. This is reflected in our children's center. We have our own technology workshop, teach programming and work closely with Science Centre Delft.
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  • Modern education
    Independence, ownership and cooperation take central place in our education. We involve your child their own learning pathway, by giving them choices about how they come to learn.
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  • Wide range of childcare services
    Small-scale day care, pre-school and out-of-school care. The out-of-schol care is also designed around the pillars of the children's center: nature, culture and science. 
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  • Learning by discovery
    A challenging learning environment for every child! Children learn optimally when they can discover and explore. This keeps them motivated and amazed and surprised. 
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