Educational vision

Max Havelaar Kindcentrum creates an inspiring learning environment in which children can reach their full potential. Growing up means that your child goes on adventures, discovers things for themselves, learns how to learn, is allowed to make mistakes, learns together with others, and learns to persevere and have fun. This approach teaches every child how to put together the help they need, to prepare them to go out into the world with confidence!
All children want to learn. Your child is growing up in their own way, with their own dynamics, direction and pace. We stimulate this personal development process by setting clear goals and giving children insight into the skills they will learn, and later master. This process involves discovering and making mistakes. Each child learns from and with the other children and the adults around them.


A child’s own learning pathway

Independence, ownership and cooperation take central place in our education. We believe in strengthening a child’s independence and their ability to work with other children. We involve your child their own learning pathway, by giving them choices about how they come to learn. We offer your child a rich learning environment, where they can practice in their own way. Your child will have their own portfolio. This contains their development pathway. And it’s something they can be proud of!


Social environment

Children learn a lot from each other in various forms of cooperation. They develop responsibility for the greater social entity of which they are an active part. A safe social environment is necessary for optimal growth. Every day we show your child how to be kind and how to help others.



In the training sessions developed for our children’s centre, we practice how to react in all kinds of social situations. Superhero posters with 'Choices for Superheroes' hang in the classrooms. They show what you can do for another person, for example pointing out something you disagree with, or that someone is doing wrong. Cool pictures show how to deal with 'challenges', for example if someone deliberately bumps into you. You can choose between: ignoring it, standing up for yourself, choosing a smart place, or calmly talking back to them. You will find further details of the approach we have developed in cooperation with Orka in our School Guide on the ‘Scholen op de kaart’ (schools on the map) website.

  • Exercise & Health
    We strive to create a healthy environment, focusing on healthy food and exercise. The groups also pay a lot of attention to learning through movement.
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  • Culture & Nature
    Cultural and nature education is important for a broad development. We work on interesting theme based projects and challenge the children to increase their knowledge and develop their talents.
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  • Technology & Science
    Delft is the city of technology. This is reflected in our children's center. We have our own technology workshop, teach programming and work closely with Science Centre Delft.
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